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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  April 16, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> breaking news in the case of this missing teenager. the key piece of evidence still missing tonight despite an arrest. >> essential. cell phone. and teenagers. how this became a business among middle school children. warm and sunny today but a chance for thunderstorms overnight and then a big cool down headed our way. i have all the weather details coming up. >> will the judge that left "american idol"return? >> hello. >> first tonight. really warm spring day leads to thunderstorm warnings. >> jessica will tell us where they are right now. hi there. >> hi guys. warm and muggy all day today. winds strong and gusty throughout the day
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under the warm air mass and severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:45 tonight for baltimore county, harper count county, howard county and andarundle county until 5:45 tonight. now here's the showers and the storms. more or less the big threat is the strong gusty winds gusting up to almost 60 miles an hour and there have been trees down reported just south of cockiesville and pretty much most of the belt way right now is dealing with wide spread rain showers on our lightning tracker you can see we also see lightning out there so wind lightning associated with the round of showers and storms. we could still see more thunderstorms overnight tonight and a bigger cool down coming for the weekend.i'll have all the details coming up in just a few minutes. 16-year-old miss battle has been missing now for more than a year. >> tonight baltimore county police make an arrest on murder charges. the suspect's name is jason growth 35 years old. police say he's responsible for the death of
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miss battle. the 16-year-old who disappeared last year in march. after leaving her home in northwest baltimore. police were able to track the girl's cell phone to an area near a trash collection site off earl road and middle river. search turns up nothing but later information led police to growth. >> well unfortunately we are not able to articulate at this point whether there was a relationship between the 2. they somehow got together but we don't know whether they knew each other before then or not. >> growth is locked at the baltimore county detention center tonight. held without bond. >> murder investigation in montgomery county. principal at washington, d.c. school is found dead in his silver springs home. car missing. 42-year-old brian bet was principal of shaw middle school. co-worker found him dead after he failed to report for work. police are looking for his car 2007 nissan plate no. 5 6 2 m 2 2 2. police have charged 82-year-old
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thomas share for murder after his 82-year-old wife is beaten to death inside her burning home thursday. police say she was found in the home around 10 in the morning. she had severe head wounds. efforts to save her failed. witnesses say her husband was taken away in handcuffs right at the scene. >> it's hard to immanuel. i mean, they are elderly couple. everything seemed fine at least, you know. from living next door. >>reporter: thomas sherry's under guard as we speak at east continue memorial hospital. >> montgomery county students in trouble tonight. after school officials bust a major sex scandal. miranda has more. >>reporter: according to school officials the students not only exchanged dirty photo of each other but some even paid for them. the discovery made last week when officials say a teacher at thomas kile middle school confiscated a student i-pod touch with explicit photo and video of
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female students. the principal notified police and the school conducted its own investigation where they learned the students had been using cell phones and e-mails to trade the photo sometimes even during the school day. scandal apparently has been going on for months. >> could be the public scorn with it. embarrassment. and you know, not to mention if criminal charges are pursued against them. >>reporter: officials say it appears the photos were taken outside school and no adults were involved. miranda, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thanks. a woman is dead after a fire in owens mills this morning. just after 10:00 firefighters were called to the 4600 block of spring water court. firefighters found the woman in the bedroom of a first floor apartment. sprinkler system put out the fire. investigators are still looking into the cause. crash this morning left a tanker truck dangling off the
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avenue bridge. construction vehicle hit the tanker about 5:15 this morning nearest ordinance road. >> it wasn't head on. struck it towards the rear and just pushed the tanker off over the concrete embankment. >>reporter: both drivers were taken to shock trauma as precaution. in howard county 2 special ed students say they were sexually abused by a former school worker. the latest incident allegedly occurred last month at brian wood elementary school. happened after school according to the principal and police have already arrested karl walker. >> i was shocked. but the world is very different. have to be a lot more careful because can't find, don't know everything about people. >> disgusting. now that i know about it. >>reporter: so far 2 letters have been sent out to parents regarding the alleged incident. >> reward for finding the people who abused pit bull early this morning just got bigger. on easter sunday animal control got a call
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saying kids were throwing rocks and bricks at a dog on green spring avenue. reports of finding the kids is now 6000 dollars. meanwhile the information is asked to call animal control at 4 1 0-3 9 6-4 6 9 8. how are the roads looking tonight with all the rain. >> i know it just started. >> a few minutes ago. >> lauren has the traffic edge report. hi lauren? >> hi karen. we are dealing with the slick roads and in turn several accidents. first let's check in and take a look at the speeds. 42 miles per hour on 95 and white marsh. much slower 14 miles per hour on the top side of the belt way and only 17 miles per hour on the west side of 695. do watch out for some downed wires traveling right on mat road at old new york road and dealing with serious trouble on the belt way in towns end. we have a crash reported along the outer loop lanes at lock raven boulevard and live look here in the towns end area
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heavy heavy delay traveling along the inner outer loop lanes. do expect more problems as we wrap around in the west side of the belt way. another accident along the inner loop lanes at security boulevard and it is going to be a pretty packed tonight on columbia pike due to earlier accident. problems persist make our way down to 95 we are dealing with another accident along the south bound lanes there at washington avenue. that is a look at the evening travels. jeff and karen, karen, let's send it back to you. >> thanks lauren. >> brush fire caused quite a distraction along i-95 early this afternoon. mike sent us this picture. a fire on the train tracks near did you know dunn do you go avenue and smoke seen from interstate 95. fire put out quickly. >> and when it comes to news in your neighborhood, see it shoot it send it. up load photo and video to our web site. go to fox and click on the see it shoot it send it i con. also send photo directly from the cell
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the purchase of scotts ez seed. >> maryland unemployment rate remains at 7. 7% but the state gained nearly 36,000 jobs last month. more than any other state in the u.s. the state labor department atrebts the job gains to better weather than what we had in february. technically accidents on the roadway of course are caused by motorist. >> right exactly. but what happens when accidents are caused by the road itself? jeff jones us now with more. jeff? >> well if you drive a vehicle chances are oven countered roads that are unpaved under construction and in many cases unsafe. for more than a year crews have been widening and repaving baltimore county intersection at highway 40 in middle river road and 4 months ago when one motorist crossed
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that intersection, he slammed into a manhole cover and totalled his vehicle. roland still has photo of the road this night and the manhole cover was too high and too dangerous for traffic to cross. >> we thought somebody actually hit us. because that's what it sounded like. it was such a loud impact so when we came down over that route 40 on to that we hit the bottom out right there and it ripped the whole underneath of the car. we understand winter causes pot hole but when you have construction that should be monitored closely. >>reporter: state did hire a private contractor to do the work in that intersection and says that firm is responsible for damage the work may have caused. this is news at 5:30. >> thank you jeff. >> baltimore county businessman comes up with yet another plan to try and save 2 of the 13 catholic schools scheduled to close. father charles hall catholic school is one of them. archdiocese
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moved to consolidate due to aging facility and declining enrollment. now the owner of concrete company has come up with a plan to save 2 elementary schools in baltimore city. >> now what i have decided to do is just guarantee that there will be no cost to the archdiocese. we will pay any losses for 2 schools. >>reporter: so far his offer is to help have been turned down. he's hoping to meet with the archbishop face-to-face next week. just as we mentioned earlier thunderstorms moving through the area. >> yes. jessica star returns with the look of the sky watch forecast hour things right now. >>reporter: clearing out a little bit. watches and warnings we just had recently expired but there are still some more thunderstorms in our area. we are under the warm air mass past couple days and you can see here of all the scattered isolated thunderstorms in the vicinity all associated with the cold front as temperatures will
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really drop down. we have had gusty winds out there throughout the daytime for today. you see temperatures really was well above normal for today. 20 degrees above normal. 83 degrees right now in baltimore. 82 in dc. 71 in hagerstown. 55 already a little bit cooler towards oakland and temperatures will slowly be dropping overnight tonight but again the winds that's in the main concern for today and with the thunderstorms we have had wind gust up to 60 miles an hour and trees reported down near cockiesville and winds out of the south west right now at 22 miles an hour in baltimore. 9 in dc. 10 in winchester and oakland and continue to stay strong and blustery overnight tonight and dropping to 56 degrees and there are still more thunderstorms in our area. complete look at the forecast in the 7 day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. all right thanks so much. you can be in charge of your own personalized weather forecast. i radar available at fox and track coming storms to your neighborhood. fox slash i radar. president obama mandates
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that nearly all hospital now extend visitation rights to partner of gay men and women. he says americans should respect patient choices about who they make critical health care decisions for their own partner. president mandate is most significant step so far in the effort to expand the rights of gay americans. that's our question of the day. do you agree with the president's mandate extending visitation rights to gay americans? go to our web site and tell us what you think. sound off through facebook. send us a tweet at fox baltimore. text your answer to 45203. and fox 45 a for yes and b for no and response may air tonight on the news at 10:00. doing or cat could be dangerous to your health. new study shows pets cause 80,000 injuries from falls. dogs more likely to make you fall than cats and women more likely to fall than men. researchers do not suggest
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that you get rid of your pet. will paula come back to "american idol"? an answer from one of the top people on the show coming up next on the news at 5:30. >> latest hero don't have any super powers backing them up. and neither does the
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>> remake and true story serve as inspiration for the new move areleases. kandace has details in the low down. >>reporter: we begin with the movie death at a funeral. it's actually a comedy about a family coming together to lay a family member to rest. here's the preview. >> patriarch funeral brings together an all star cast. including chris rock and tracy morgan. the reunion opens up a batch of secrets. some dark. >> are you telling me our father's was on the down. >>reporter: and dumb hilarious. independently funded comic back adaptation generating huge hype from festival screenings and preview in kick ass a teenager reinvents himself as a super hero with high hopes but zero super powers. his new found reputation creates a league of
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copycat. and enemies. >> you are crazy, kid. they have no super powers but sure can play ball. >> 90 percent of the game is mental. >>. >>reporter: per game held true story of 1957 little league team from mexico. against all odds they not only one the little league world series but they did so in the only per game ever pitched for the championship. from the per game to the perfect family. or are they? david and demi star in the jones. they play a trend setting family that become the star of the new neighborhood but the trend setting life is actually a marketing scheme simply trying to hook rich customers. in other hollywood news and we truly mean from hollywood reservationist fighting to protect 138 acres
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of land near the hollywood sign. they have until april 30 to raise more than 12 million dollars to purchase the land from a group of chicago investors. i'm kandace that's the low down. if "american idol"is looking to spruce up the show, show, it will not be with paula abdul. show is still mass i feel in popular but the national ratings have been slipping just a little. there was speculation that paula abdul mean asked to come back but today one of the idol executive producers said that will not happen. and watch "american idol"next week tuesday and wednesday at 8:00 right here on fox 45 and get the inside scoop on "american idol"on our "american idol"blog. kandace tells you what is going on behind the scenes each week at fox another loss for the orioles and the injuries
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>> welcome back. i'm kristen. to say the orioles got off to a rough start that would be an under statement of the years. they have now dropped 7 straight and have the worst record in all of baseball. last year that belonged to the national. this year it's the orioles. today the orioles more bad news. felix could be headed to the disabled list. lou is on his way to join the team out west in case p a is placed on the dl. he reinjured the left shoulder that has been bothering him in spring training. he has been the bright spot batting 400 in 8 games played. in less an week the ravens will welcome
5:56 pm
new rookie to the team. nfl draft begins next thursday in prime time with round 1. general manager oz is known around the league as pro picker when it comes to the draft. ravens rank each player and when it comes their turn to choose they take the best player available however don't rule out a trade to move up. remember last year? this guy. the ravens traded up to get michael orr. >> a lot of ways you can build your football team and if we feel like someone starts to come down the board and he can impact our football team, team, impact it in a way that we can get us to do other things on the roster yes we'll move up and get that guy. >>reporter: coming up tonight. one-on-one with orioles pitching sensation brian. o's trite to get back in the win column in the a and subway high school game of the week. coming up tonight on sports unlimited now back to you. >> all right thanks.
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>> a troubled block in east baltimore faced the wrecking ball today. >> city began leveling 67 homes in the 1900 block of pullman place today. city officials say it has the highest concentration of blight in the city and once the site of proposed redevelopment plan but after 10 years of nothing but delay after delay the city decided to raise the area. some cooler weekend weather is on the way. i guess that is welcoming. >> it was nice today wasn't it. >> it was nice. >> jessica joins us with a closer look at the weekend. apparently i'm come anchoring with a flower. >> we have some cool air move in. we have a cold front moving through allowing for showers and thunderstorms to develop this afternoon in the heat of the day. temperatures about 20 degrees above normal than where we should be tapping into the 80's today. right now you can see some isolated showers an thunderstorms in the vicinity. one line of showers and
5:58 pm
storms just moved through getting a little bit of a break and look off to the west and right towards hagerstown. another line of some showers and storms moving in and that's the way it is overnight tonight as you can see the larger picture pop up isolated showers associated with a cold front manufacturing through our region overnight tonight. now temperatures you can see. warm today. ahead of the cold front 83 degrees in baltimore. 88 degrees in richmond. 88 degrees in richmond. close to
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